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City Of Ruins is a melodic metalcore band based out of Atlanta, GA.

We are a group of experienced musicians with different and diverse backgrounds joined together to create a sound that is fueled by energy with passionate choruses sung over melodic guitars. Our goal was to create a sound that is heavily influenced by the emocore and metalcore bands of the early 2000s while bringing some more modern djent and metalcore aspects that drive todays scene.

City of Ruins Band Members


Hunter Taylor – Vocals

Tyler Follett – Bass / Vocals

Adam Pickney – Rhythm Guitar

Taylor Martin – Lead Guitar

Jesse Shepard – Drums

What to Expect at our shows

A High energy experience that will keep you yelling encore.

Have you ever been to a show that you just dont want to end? It is soo good that all you can do is talk about it in the way home and find yourself reaching for your phone to see when the next one is? Well that is the type of show we strive to put on. We are performers at heart and want to make sure everyone leaves the venue feeling like they just experienced something.

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Playing in a band is not cheap, there are many expenses that can incur while we are pursuing our passion for music and playing shows. Buying much from us is what keeps us going. We greatly appreciate all our sales and fans as this is what keeps us going and able to put out more music. Shop online or come to a show.

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Upcoming Shows and Events.


Let it Burn Tour – Furnace 41 Jonesboro, GA


Distinguisher | Ghost Key  – Masquerade Atlanta, GA


Rise Annie Rise | Letting Go  – Smiths Olde Bar Atlanta, GA

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City Of Ruins news.

Show Recap – Carnival of Chaos – Furnace 41

Carnival of Chaos Recap.  This event couldn't have gone any better. The support was huge with great energy and vibes all around.  We want to give a big thank you to Bo at Furnace 41 for putting this event on and supporting the local scene. Here are some...

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We are currently recording our debut EP Dreambound.

We knew it wasn't going to be an easy task but we are excited to share that the end is nearing and we will be announcing a release date here shortly. Although, this is a debut EP for us, it is kind of a coming to age album at the same time. As we have all gone through our own musical journeys to bring us here.

Dreambound is an album about the struggles we all face in life chasing our dreams of happiness and success. It's a melodic homage to the early 2000s emocore meets metalcore. They are passionate chorus driven songs that are relatable and will leave you singing the words in your head over and over again.

If you want to hear any samples or anything, just hit us up and we will gladly share.

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